Hi guys! I’m Jennifer, a wife and mom living on the coast of somewhere beautiful in southeastern North Carolina.


I also go by Jenn or Jenny Pants. My two-year-old non-British son calls me Mum! I’m a part-time Speech-Language Pathologist, part time Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone, and a full-time hot mess of a woman! I have a beautiful baby boy, Jase, a handsome, loving husband, Shane, and so many more people in my life that add to its abundance. I also have the sweetest fur-baby, Bocce, my yellow lab. I truly am blessed.


I think this section is supposed to give you a chance to “get to know me” or for me to tell you about my hobbies… umm…. I like to sleep and watch TV… also FOOD! I’m currently trying to lose baby weight (can it still be baby weight after more than two years?…) which really gets in the way of my fondness for food. I have a thick, country accent (can thick be an adjective? I think in this case it works!), a heart for connecting with others, and a love for my Lord. I am an odd juxtaposition of so many things: confident, yet anxious, both extroverted and introverted (evidently there is such as thing as an ambivert?!?), a tomboy and girly girl (I can dress to the nines or go in public looking homeless–I have no shame), and the list could go on… but then what would I blog about….

I’ve always loved to write, but never carved out the time for myself; this blog will be my attempt to change that. I recently quit my full-time, 9 to 5 in order stay at home with our son; I’ll be working part-time, one day a week as a speech therapist, while continuing to run my online business with LimeLight from home. I’m the least “house-wifey” person that I know, so learning how to manage the cooking, cleaning, and day-to-day responsibilities of a SAHM is going to be quite comical, and, I’m sure, a great lesson in patience and perseverance for me. Stay tuned to keep up with my random thoughts, ah-ha moments, and heart-on-my-sleeve reflections as I try to figure out this thing called Life.